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bhole_baba_bhakti_festival holland


15th – 18th August 2019

at Sada Shiva Dham, Vrijenbergweg 60,
7371AB Loenen, The Netherlands

We celebrate the Bhole Baba Bhakti Festival from 15 – 18 August, with lots of singing together (kirtan), mantra singing, music, and inspiration. The Bhakti Festival we dedicate to Babaji’s message of “Truth, Simplicity, Love and karma-yoga”.

Besides the festival program you are also welcome to participate in the usual ashram program with Aarti and Havan, and also welcome to participate in the Satsang, that is to say: in Truth sharing of experiences and insights. You have also the opportunity to follow a yoga workshop.

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santosa living yoga and bhakti camp

Living Yoga and Bhakti Camp

23rd August – 1st September 2019

at The Healing Field Meadow, near Glastonbury

SANTOSA is the happy acceptance of what is, just as it arises. It is the experience of contentment. And it is a sweetness of indescribable beauty. It is the name of the camp which has been running now for ten years, and the camp herself is an opportunity to EXPERIENCE SANTOSA: 'By the experience of Santosa, unparalleled happiness arises' (Yoga Sutra, 2:42).

Santosa yoga living camp is a most beautiful relaxed yoga camp enabling all those who come to immerse themselves in yogic living, unravelling layers on your inner journey to release our true potential.

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There is respect for every form of yoga, and a huge variety of different forms on offer: from devotional bhakti chant and mantra in the dawn light, to Mysore style ashtanga vinyasa before breakfast, Full Moon Womb Yoga and ayurvedic yoga vinyasa for healing mid-morning, and chuckling Laughter Yoga and deep Yoga Nidra after lunch. Evenings there are fires, singing, community Kirtans, dance and meditations too. There are also loads of kids classes, baby and toddler yoga, family sessions, and healing therapies on offer.

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kirtan at santosa - sivani mata and friends
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लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु
"May All The Beings In All The Worlds Be Happy and at PEACE"

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