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BE LOVE: 11hr Bhakti Immersion

Next BE LOVE: There are currently no plans for another Be Love Bhakti Immersion at the moment. Upcoming opportunities to immerse in Bhakti can be found on our Retreats and Festivals listing page. For regular Kirtans with Sivani Mata see the upcoming calendar, and for Kirtans with the Be Love Bhakti Family go to their individual websites (listed on our family page) or check out the monthly UK Bhakti newsletter and website.

Thank You for Joining us at BE LOVE 5
Saturday 3rd October 2015

Dearest Ones

Thank you so much for being a part of our Be Love Bhakti Immersion day last Saturday, what a divine day of joyful kirtan. I hope you are still feeling the afterglow of sharing in the these practices of Love with our community.

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All our rugs, prayer flags and flower garlands are now packed away, the money has been counted and I am pleased to announced that we raised £845.36 for Sri Lankan women and children of the Integral Yoga AUM
Thank you to al of you for making this possible. JAI SRI LAKSMI MA!

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There were an amazing team that contributed to making this day possible, gratitude to all made this celebration possible, co-creating something beautiful. Particular gratitude goes out to:

• Tabla Tom for his musical magic
• all our bhakti musicians for bringing their flavours of devotion to the day
• Maya Matanah for her delicious love-filled lunch
• Maitri Shakti Kumari for her scrumptous afternoon treats
• Chai Paul for his epic chai
• Claire Fairey and Emma for their caring playtime with the little ones
• Durga Das and Narayana for offering a beautiful Durga puja in the morning
• everyone who donated raffle prizes
• the lovely Hermione and Lily for taking such lovely photos (see on
• Vandita and Janice for their lovely stalls
• Judith and everyone at the Study Society, Colet House for their amazing space
• all our amazing karma yogis and yoginis who kept the day running smoothly
• Rev. Padma Devi for her morning yoga offering and her inspirational work with the Sri Lankan Integral Yoga AUM charity who we are supporting through this day
• Savitri (Sarah) for her help and support in the build up to the day and during the day

And to the grace that allows all of this to happen, thank you thank you!

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We do have a provisional date for the next Be Love – Saturday 12th November 2016, so pop the date in your dairy (if you have one that goes that far ahead!)

In the meantime, there are lots of beautiful bhakti events being offered in the community, see below for those being offered by those who joined us on Saturday.

The next big gatherings will be
Ammaji's visit to the UK 10th – 11th November in London, and then a Beltane Bhakti Gathering in Dorset 29th April – 2nd May and you can sign up to the newsletter for monthly listings of bhakti events around the country– hope to see you all soon.

Keep chanting
Be Love always
Sivani Mata (10th October 2015)

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Find our about our team of Bhaktas sharing at BE LOVE

colet house belove2

Details of the venue for the Oct 2015 Immersion

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We will be donating the all the profit from BE LOVE Oct 2015 to Integral Yoga A.U.M

“pure love” Maha Milan
April 2013)

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"Wowsers!!!! What an amazing day!!! Thank-you thank-you thank-you!!!!!
Om Nama Shivya"
Matthew Braham
Dec 2013)

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“Thanks to all for a beautiful time full of love and joy, it was a truly special day”
Sarah McCaskey
April 2013)

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The 60s never ended and I'm so grateful! All you need is love.
Jamie Heckert
May 2014)

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“It was a true joy to share this and feel the love of so many wonderful people. and to hear words and songs from the heart, the source, the essence”
Lauren Stevens
April 2013)

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“Thank you... to all who shared music, food, love, dance, devotion ~ the most amazing day, and the Bhakti bliss remains ... so very strong ... Oms, love, blessings xxx”
Michele Jacobs
April 2013)

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"So much gratitude for the incredible day yesterday. Thank you so much for all those who worked so tirelessly and gracefully to make this happen and allow people like me to just turn up on the day and enjoy the fruits and sweet nectar." Tim Chalice
Dec 2013)

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"I love these gatherings.... "
Mark Fisher
(B May 2014)

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"An honor to be part of such a deeply touching and inspiring gathering x so much joy and connection to the divine spirit within all of our radiant hearts x Hari Bol x Jay Ma x Om Nama Shivaya x thankyou thankyou" Draupadi
Dec 2013)

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"Such a beautiful day, so many beautiful souls - deep gratitude" Ranchor Prime
Dec 2013)

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“Endless gratitude to the beautiful collection of beings at the bhakti beacon yesterday, starting to feel at home again in London. Om Namah Shivaya!!” Peter Light
April 2013)

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Gorgeous day! Thank you all for the magic of music and love ❤❤❤
Bianca Madison-Vuleta
May 2014)

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“Many blessings and thanks for such a beautiful day at Be LOVE, feeling light bright and full of love, and yummy food. Love” Rosemary Paradi
(B April 2013)

"It was so very special and has left me with a sense of connection with all that is. What beauty there is in this world of illusions! Here's one we made for our eyes and hearts" Leah Barnett
Dec 2013)

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"Such a wonderful day of connecting with the Divine, singing the Heart into the heart of London” Dinesh
April 2013)

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"Exquisite sound ceremony! Still feeling the divine reverberations of the music and the connections in the heart xxx Thank you xxx"
Marian Rose
Dec 2013)

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“Great day of sacred chanting, bhakti bliss.” Giles Bryant
April 2013)

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“Like a nurturing bowl of love”
Samantha Ananda
April 2013)

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लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु
"May All The Beings In All The Worlds Be Happy and at PEACE"

© Sivani Mata Francis – Natural Mystic Bhajans